Gate Keepers Fellowship, Inc.

Apostle Dr. Gregory Sherman, Founder

About GKF


I Chronicles 9:22-23 

All these which were chosen to be porters in the gates were two hundred and twelve. These were reckoned by their genealogy in their villages, whom David and Samuel the seer did ordain in their set office. So they and their children had the oversight of the gates of the house of the LORD, namely, the house of the tabernacle, by wards.  

Definition: A Guard Appointed to Protect the Gates of the City or the Temple.

Mission: To Bring Reformation To The Church.

Theme: “Doing More Together”

Our Purpose

Purpose / Vision: 

The Gate-Keepers Fellowship is birthed out with a Five-Fold Kingdom Purpose.

1. Emphasis of the Reformation: Returning back to the original design, purpose and intent of the Church of Jesus Christ with Emphasis on Demonstration of the Supernatural Power of God, through Miracles, Signs and Wonders, and the Manifestation of God’s Favor that will bring about a harvest of souls and strengthen believers to walk in their Christian discipleship and spiritual maturity.

2. Training for all Tiers of Leadership: To help provide Pastors with available training for all tiers of leadership for churches involved in the fellowship. Which in turn will help strengthen churches with their Vision.


3. Encouragement and Fellowship for Pastors and Leaders: To connect with other kingdom minded pastors and continue to do the work of the Kingdom.

4. Financial Economic Empowerment: Helping provide financial empowerment strategies, knowledge and skills to make accurate consumer decision to empower believers to achieve economic well-being.

5. Men and Young Men: To help strengthen and encourage men and provide solutions to a rising problem among our young men. Helping more of our men and young men stay focus. Providing the support they need to think about their future and what they need to do to be successful in life.